A load of thank you messages - because you deserve it anytime

Hi Awesome One,

Between working at what you do best, those wheels spinning fast – taking care of your teams, the folk you work with and for, taking care of your loved ones, shopping, cleaning indoors/outdoors, rocking up to parties, or in some parts of the country survival and renewal. Somewhere in there it’s also finding time to take care of yourself. There’s something about this time of the year that life surely becomes its busiest ever! And isn’t it the easiest to fall into overwhelm, guilt, that unhealthy stress zone all too quickly?

It’s precisely now that we all need to watch the quality of the energy we’re pouring out. Especially when our lists get long and we hightail it into a crazy space and feeling like we’re not doing enough. Here’s the perfect reason to STOP. Take a moment to acknowledge you. Why? Because you deserve!

Call this fluffy, ridiculous, a waste of time – please hold that resistance, that uncomfortable space and breathe deeply. Always a great human habit! 

This acknowledgement note is for you. Keep it handy and read it whenever you need appreciation. It’s too easy to forget all that we already do, especially when our culture is obsessed with forward progress. Soak in this tribute to the spectacular you. May it be a restorative soul vitamin whenever you need the boost.

35 thank you messages – because you deserve them – anytime

Thank you for all you do at work, at home and everything in between. 

Thank you for saying yes, especially when your own energy was low. 

Thank you for saying no – that was spot on when we needed to hear it. 

Thank you for all the fires you’ve put out and the disasters you’ve thrown yourself into, putting your best face forward to bring some type of order to chaos. 

Thank you for your soft shoulder, your strong shoulder. Those times meant the world giving love and strength, more than you could ever know. 

Thank you for your creative touch and lightness of energy that adds more beauty to our world. 

Thank you for the extra dollars, the extra service, the value-add with all your strengths, and your generosity of spirit especially at times when it was most needed. You lift others in ways you’ll never know. 

Thank you for making time to eat well and nourish your body, this amazing vehicle that savours and laps up your love, caring and kindness. 

Thank you for getting people where they need to go with your thoughtfulness, wisdom and spontaneity. 

Thank you for your presence and how you naturally keep a look-out for how you’re energising others to bring out their best. 

Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Some get it, some don’t and all good – those seeds plant exactly where they need to be nurtured. 

Thank you for taking ownership and responsibility when things go awry, especially making those really difficult decisions. 

Thank you for your enthusiasm and wonderful infectious laughter. You light up the space and everything around. 

Thank you for your wild, silly, sexy, free spirit reminding us to stop in the moment and be utterly ourselves too. 

Thank you for tidying up, clearing garbage and decluttering – all of this made a difference to our clarity. 

Thank you for always remembering to change what needs changing – from a work process or system to the oil in the car. 

Thank you for knowing how to fix things, problem-solve when it’s appropriate, and for being so handy. 

Thank you for being kind to our environment wherever you go – on your property, on farm, on the beach, in the mountains, your place of wonder. 

Thank you for bringing out the best in people, in fact in all living things. 

Thank you for knowing how to spark others to perform. 

Thank you for taking care of yourself even if you still think there are areas you could do so much better. 

Thank you for pushing yourself and others to grow, bringing about those sparkly eyes and shining faces. 

Thank you for being so open and non-judgemental. It surely makes us feel safe. 

Thank you for listening with your whole being, listening into the essence of what’s being said when words didn’t. 

Thank you for your hard work and focus – your energy, enthusiasm – all while you are learning and making mistakes. 

Thank you for your willingness to put yourself out there. Leading the way – whether you have a leader title or not – always inspirational. 

Thank you for your enormous bravery and courage, you inspire us. 

Thank you for being willing to fail, make mistakes, and being ready to leap showing us life is one big adventure! 

Thank you for your passion and dedication, carrying out the mundane, and putting your heart into it all. 

Thank you for caring about the world around you, being excited about a cause or a crusade. 

Thank you for being vulnerable, we know it’s not easy.  Thank goodness you’re human. 

Thank you for facing your challenging times with grace and courage even though it may feel you are putting one foot in front of the other, taking one step forward and several back. You inspire! 

Thank you for the great ideas you’ve birthed regardless of those who pushed back or came along with power play.  Somewhere the soil is absolutely perfect for that piece of creativity. 

Thank you for helping loved ones transition, for burying them with blessings, feelings and honour. 

Thank you for being so incredibly compassionate, allowing others to voice their ideas.

Thanks a million for being who YOU are!

I could go on and on because your magnificence and contributions are boundless and limitless. 

You are the best treasure and here’s acknowledging all of who you are, alongside the wonderful things you do that makes this world a brighter place xo

Your turn:

Who in your life deserves a thank you today? Go right ahead, share this note with them xo 

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