Courageous Contagious and Smart

Today, let’s talk about where confidence and courage may be really hiding and what’s necessary to do to back yourself, get into the zone …

I’ve been having courageous contagious smart conversations lately. And confidence, courage + doubt – I wrestle with them always. They’re universal human demons aren’t they and the bugger is they don’t go away.  What happens though is I’m becoming less and less convinced by their whispers. I’m becoming more focused on the joy of saying something that needs to live outside of me. And I figure if I dare to consider my own voice worthy of being free, of being heard … then maybe you will too. 

Doubt and guilt are simply our messengers. Treat them like a friend. Firmly tell it exactly where it needs to sit … to one side.

Confidence and courage are things that only happen in motion. Yep – they only show up when we show up. Every s.i.n.g.l.e. time. 

The recipe: Refuse to go numb, withdraw, give way to guilt, whatever your fall back. Instead, use Qs to build your strength. How are you going to live today if that fear – or guilt – is firmly put to one side? What are you going to say — I mean really say? What do you need to do – that next step? 

Don’t wait to find confidence and courage … punch on out and for sure these two will find you in the exact measures specific and tailored just for you. Always. 

It’s also highly likely somewhere through this process you’ll start comparing yourself to others, stall yourself to a complete standstill, bury into excuses, procrastinate in every which way you will. And if that’s not enough roll right on out to wondering what others will think … and absolutely come into a screeching halt. 

Now your turn … words to kick-start this off for you. Roll into the delicious feelings they produce. Add your own. Tap if you need to. Make this story yours …

Today I’m going to fall in love with the way I belong to myself regardless of who’s around, the situation or commitment or circumstances or whatever is happening.

I’m falling in love with the way I refuse to settle for anything less than being vibrant and alive.

I’m falling back into a wholehearted love for all that fuels and feeds me with total nourishment and delicious joy.

It’s pure freedom to know nothing on the outside any longer has the power to detract, limit or shrink me.

I know this by the way I feel in my skin and I’m closer than I think. I absolutely know my worth.

And I know how much I’m worth loving today …

Here’s where it’s timely to remember …

Nature has so many wise lessons to offer, doesnt it!

You don’t have to have any of these, you can create your own – there are no rules here! The only thing I recommend is that when you write each statement, make sure that it’s something which moves you and inspires you. Takes you right outside your comfort zone and has you light up | feeling good. Don’t just write or say something because it sounds ‘cool’ or it’s what you read somewhere. Come up with power statements that move you from your core. Print them out, laminate it, and stick it on your bathroom mirror so that every day, twice a day, as you brush your teeth.  Read over them and feel right into them. This is how we retrain our brain and eliminate limiting thought patterns. This is the daily inner work that makes a huge difference to our health, happiness and energy.  This is the healthy energy that spirals out to others and has an impact on everyone in your world.

Confidence and courage are things that only happen when we show up and are in motion.

I know you know someone who needs this reinforcement. So many of us do. Go right ahead, please do pass on.
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