It's easy to give up struggles

I’m often asked about my personal life hacks and tricks that come into our becoming-famous InsideOut Leading Mini + Full programmes.

Rest assured, take these hacks on for size and watch that space!

I was fascinated to recently come across this reflexology path custom built in the middle of a public park in Singapore.  The idea — shoes come off and barefeet it is around a path that would be as long as an Olympic stadium track. Judging by the grimaces of some that were so bravely walking this path, the pain was all consuming. And yet the more practice, patience and closer they got to the end, the more relaxed their beautiful faces became. They were simply determined to move unwanted stuff from their bodies and reinvigorate an internal body system that once again smiled from the inside out.

Such a wonderful metaphor when it comes to the external stuff that can take us down so quick! So let’s get down to it.

If you are serious about giving up struggles, problems and all that unwanted stuff …

Only talk about these if the talking takes you to a better feeling place. Not to get sympathy and a short burst of energy from someone else, that’s not sustainable. It’s never of any value – EVER – to go there. All it does is bring you into a lower vibe and sink you into a place that never feels good. In other words when you focus on problems in relationships of any kind ~ yours or anyone else’s – you diminish your ability + theirs to help them.

When we stay focused on something, we keep beating the drum of it and keeping it active. Then other thoughts like it are going to join making this into one massive story it doesn’t need to be. It increases the momentum and speeds the whole thing in a direction we don’t want it to be.

Crazy after centuries, we’re still believing we’ve got to focus on the problem and change or destroy the other person to find a solution. The trouble is … no real solution ever comes forward. Inspiration doesn’t happen. We don’t recognise we’ve hit the ground and we’re not going anywhere except … digging bigger holes.

Even though we feel we are helping, these vibes are completely unhealthy and unsustainable. Energy drains and we’re unwittingly setting up the perfect fodder for toxic environments to escalate. You’ve only got to watch MAFs and most reality TV shows to get that one!

Now your resistance and your need to be right is going to want to argue with me here. You know what to do to settle those.

Here’s the paradigm shift …

If you or anyone have many things going wrong and one thing going right, please beat the drum of what is going right. Let that be your sole focus. Focus on what you really want. And stay there.

Keep staying there. 
Feel the relief. 
Feel the harmony. 
Feel the ease. 
Keep with it. 
Keep focusing.
Tell a different type of story.

Every time you want to go back – to justify, make excuses, dig back into the hole – turn this baby around to what you do want. It will feel so much better. You’ll feel so much healthier. And eventually the tide turns. The power of what you want flows in such delicious ways.

Here’s to an extraordinary week shifting the game up ever so subtly and with real power! #insideout #allthway

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