A Small Note on Self-Love

Things to do every day to love yourself more!

I’m the proverbial fantail … flitting here, flitting there – those beautiful birds look like they’re not on purpose. They are, even though they may not know it until time goes by. It was only recently that I realised OMG I know exactly now why I’m on this planet – empowering people to lead exceptional lives. I have a distinct memory of knowing this at the age of 3, then life had its way of taking me on a journey that had me wondering ‘what the hell’. Now as I piece it all together, I’d go back and do every piece of that fantail journey all over again.

There’s no rocket science with what I share. You’ll hear this. And yet all I’ve done is connect the dots. And it spells RELIEF. Here’s fact: Every human being struggles with insecurities and self-love.

Loving ourselves is everything. And loving or not loving me – you: loving or not loving you – it’s all stemmed from the successes, the mistakes, the guts of everything you and I have ever done and who we’ve become.

Quite simply – To love ourselves feels good.

When you feel love in your heart, things can’t go wrong … for you or for me.

When we open to the fullness of who we are, it’s such a delicious feeling.

Everything and everyone that I focus on – that you focus on – benefits when

we’re there. That’s why it is such a cool place to be!

And then there are scoundrels out there that are hard to love. And it’s so annoying, because if they could only be more lovable? If only they could be like that all the time? That one’s easy, and that one’s easy, BUT that one … Aaaggh!

We’re such an interesting bunch – we’ll notice this feels good, and this feels good, and this feels good, however I don’t think about those things very much. But ‘that over there’, well that’s awful so I’m going to work on that all day every day. I’m going to get it, I’m going to wrestle it to the ground and I’m going to right this in my head. What’s more, I’ll build a story around it so it justifies the amount of time I spend in my head over it and has me feeling righteous and superior.

No you’re not. All you’re doing is using the vibration of something that doesn’t feel good as your excuse to feel bad. Then you and I use it to justify where we stand. It so happens then that all kinds of people who feel just like you and I in that same space start flowing to us – we have an audience – and we taaalllkk about it. We wonder why our day goes from not so-ok to worse, why we are drained at night.

Knowing how to love you is everything. Over the years I’ve brought about 8 essentials ‘How to Love You’ and we go into the ‘magical hows’ during our beautiful Mastering the Art of Self Love Weekend.Here’s #3 – Make changing your thoughts easy and comfortable.

You have a strong mind that can love your negative thoughts AND feel deeply into, imagining your positives. The best barometer ever is your feelings. Pick up on those feelings and be kind with your thoughts. They absolutely dictate how the rest of the day is going to go.

Play with these, they’re worth gold –

What’s the first thing you say to yourself when you wake in the morning?

How do you treat the snooze button? Do you greet the morning with dread?

Think about the energetic message this sends out into the world –

– I don’t want to wake up

– I hate where I’m going today?

– I’d rather go back to sleep than get up and face this?


What do you think about in the shower?

What do you say to yourself as you pick out your clothes, get dressed – put on

make-up or shave, brush your teeth?

What are you saying to your loved ones as you breakfast or get children ready

for school?


Thoughts like these bring more of the same. The messages we give ourselves day in and day out deepen a groove in our mind, giving those messages more power. They also transmit energy out into the world, drawing back to us the very thing we focus on.It’s a game-changer when you realize that how you start your day sets in motion the same pattern of thinking and action for the rest of the day!Try this on and see how it goes…

The moment I wake up, I snuggle my body a little more in the bed, feel the deliciously cosy warmth and thanking my bed for a good night’s sleep. Darling … your name … this is a good day. This is going to be a really good day. All is well, I have time for everything I need to do today.

Using the bathroom

I easily release all my body no longer needs.

Intake, assimilation and elimination are all in order.

In the bathroom mirror

Good morning … your name … I love you, I really, really love you

There are great experiences coming our way today.

You have the best smile.

In the shower

I love my body and my body loves me.

It is such a pleasure to take a shower.

This water feels so good.

I am grateful for the people who designed and built this shower.

My life is blessed.

Getting dressed

I love my wardrobe, my drawers.

It is so easy for me to get dressed.

I trust my inner wisdom to pick the perfect outfit for me.

I always pick out the best things to wear.

Now because I’ve been practicing this for years, it feels super-comfortable to bring about my own rampage of morning appreciation, and all as I wake up in bed plus more into the bathroom mirror…


Hello Gorgeous Corene,

I love you. I really, really adore and love you. Darling woman, there are some wonderful experiences coming your way today. I have full faith you’ll navigate and steer through these, around these all with the utmost grace and skill. Your strengths step in always at the exact best moments and you’ll know when and where to let things flow. You truly are a treasure. Here’s another day to do all you love. By the way, you have the most beautiful smile and biggest heart. You’ve got this Gorgeous!

And you get my gist. Call it flowery, call it wacky, I don’t care. It works! Having rituals like this every day to reset and re-centre are so important, aren’t they.Begin with small steps. Bring in all the things that feel good to you and watch all the miracles that take place.

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