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With a few months of big changes for us all, many businesses are finding new ways to communicate, work and be of service.

Like us, we’re sure many of you have converted to an online space, learning how to do this all in new, creative ways — and with ease!

What a golden opportunity to take your team to next levels, building trust and better, more effective ways to work creatively, collectively, collaboratively.

Here’s our main tools for navigating through the change:

1. Combine values

Look at each other’s unique values. Combine your common values together.

These are ‘who you are being’ every day, have everyone creatively contribute to what these behaviours look like at 3 levels:

a) a core, developing level
b) strong and fully effective, and
c) exceptional, high performing.

Voila new KPI’s in the form of measurable behaviours are right here!

2. The GPS point

Crucial every day, every meet, project, conversation etc – online or otherwise. Always clarify what are the outcomes you all want e.g. at the end of the season, the conversation – list goes on.

To nail everyone’s outcomes is crucial to find motivation and ease in the transition.

3. Expectations

Everyone wants to contribute and feel success.

So, what are the timeframes, resources, and response channels look like? What reminders will work well? How will you hold each other accountable?

Stay strong to these. While we may not show it, we all thrive with boundaries.

4. Refreshing Time-Out

We all know how long we can work in front of a screen, how long it is before our internal batteries need a quick recharge or reset, the horse we best work through the day, eves, etc. And what has us doing our best work.

Everyone is different – time to honour each other with kindness and respect. Thank goodness for these new times!

Being in sync with your Why and Cause, flexibility and valuing each other to the enth degree brings on a whole new look with trust, performance, delivery and motivation.

What else would you like to learn about this? Comment below!

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