Dive deeper into emotional awareness with one of our most commonly used tools, above and below the line.

“We are finite players playing an infinite game” Simon Sinek

We are all used to playing a finite, low-flying game – below the line. We want to be right, we want to win, prove that we are better than others and focus in the rear vision mirrors. We ALL go there and it’s not until we know how we can start flying high and playing the infinite game of endless opportunities.

The first step is to become aware of the game I’m playing right now. Am I standing in my power or am I letting my ego run the show? Enormous thanks to the Conscious Leadership Group who bought about this great video.

This is powerful to bring awareness into your everyday life. Simply seeing the video above, watching it again, taking notes, can make a huge difference in the way we see ourselves and others acting out around us.

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into how to use this tool! We had a chat with InzideEdge founder Corene Walker and asked her – What’s the best way to gauge whether we’re above the line, high-flying and playing an infinite game OR below the line, low-flying, playing that all too common finite game?

Anytime we act out below the line, we are the victim. Victims give their power away, have low confidence and don’t like themselves. To gain some kind of energy to fuel them, victims invariably try to pull others down – although this energy gain is only temporary. If fear is an underlying factor, it’s what we do with it that counts – to play above the line / high-fly or below the line / low-fly?

To make this piece clear and easy, we’ve created a list of behaviours infinite and high-flying and finite and low-flying. Identifying HOW you go there can make a huge difference catching yourself and spending more time high-flying. Here’s a fun exercise to find out what your natural low-flying behaviours are:

1Read through the finite behaviours and highlight the ones you know you go there with

2Go to the same number in the high-flying list and see what your mindset and behaviour need to shift to infinite

3A good idea is keep these close to you, on your bedside table or on the wall in your kitchen to keep them front of mind and make easy changes

4At any time, you have the choice to choose the focus – high or low. Between what’s just happened or been said, there is a space – a pause – for you to choose your response or reaction. Your choice always.


Fantastic that you’re gathering awareness! You’ve identified what’s going on. And now what?

WELL DONE for identifying the downward spiral. We ALL go there, every day, at least once a day. The next step is taking you to high-flying again. There’s nothing wrong with low-flying. The aim is to spend more time in that infinite, high-fly game.

HOW do I get myself up to high-fly again? Here’s Corene talking to a few methods and tools:


What’s a good plan – that doesn’t involve anyone else – to take back my power and lift quickly to a high-flying, infinite game?

What’s one golden nugget you’re taking away from this for you?

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Every day, we get to choose to play the same old finite game or take it all to the next level and play an infinite game. What game are you playing today? 


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