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"There is a different way to lead, a different way to converse, and a different way to do business."

our world is changing

The world is a very different place with Millennials entering the workplace and now more important than ever it’s more than time to bridge the gaps with XGen. Combine this with the exciting new era of TEAL management that is naturally emerging globally and blending every-growing emotional intelligence with a coach approach into everyday conversations becomes an absolute must. We equip people to understand people-stuff, lead powerfully, self-manage, grow emotional intelligence, and develop confidence + capability with healthy game-changing conversations with our leadership and management courses

we equip you with the tools

We’ve discovered our insightful programmes like leadership and management courses are for all ages – all those that are game-changers, thought leaders, rule breakers, and style makers. This is also for those who are not yet leaders and would benefit big time with leadership training. Let’s face it, everyone is influencing culture. Your actions and attitude have a massive impact on the team, your business, and your organization.

Each InzideEdge public workshop, customized programme and one2one interaction has you come back into the workplace and personal life inspired, healthily motivating others, curiously questioning, feeling excited to be contributing to a bigger purpose, and now fully realizing your impact on others.

leadership and management courses

Here’s to building and growing a young, healthy generation of new leaders!

Family First

Collectively we believe that family comes first in all situations. We treat our team like our family, and always support each other.

Fufilling Life's Purposes​

We all feel like this is our life’s purpose to be here and to help educate and take our clients and our community on a journey of fulfillment.

Strong Connections

Our environment revolves around communication and we thrive on teaching and facilitating the ability to make strong, authentic connections.

Choosing fun

Above all, we believe that what we do in this life should be fun! So in all situations we like to ensure that whatever we do is enjoyable for all!

Our Why

Creating a world that is empowered and fulfilled

Our mission is to inspire a higher level of awareness, so together we can change the world for the better.

meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Corene Walker

Chief Vision + Head Coach

Holly Dodson

Cheif Vision Officer

Nic Thomson

Head of Commercial & Sales

Olivia Stead

Customer Service and Relatonships

Michelle Mortlock


Katherine Gillespie


Ian Handcock


Vanessa Robinson


Glen Johnson


Natasha Cherie Kane


Lynda Clark


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We work with some amazing companies, here are just a few that partner with us.

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