One 2 One Coaching

One of the most daunting and yet ultimately rewarding parts of everyday life is striking up conversations that have everyone contribute with all your passions and strengths, and working as a collective with emotional intelligence happily leading the way.

How would you like to -

  • Develop your leadership skills?

  • Find out what your own personal WHY is? Why you are on this planet.

  • Souse out simple tools that make decision-making feel better?

  • Discover how to create a thriving environment for you and others?

  • Know even better ways to healthily communicate with your team, family, even your partner?

  • Learn more about emotional awareness and understanding every-day people-stuff?

Healthy contagious conversation skills blending a coach approach into any conversation. You’ll get to…

Identify key principles that define true success during your chats

Understand the difference between problem-solving and the new mindset required

Know when and where to apply this so you’re truly contributing to transformation and collaboration

Learn a tested and proven 5-step coaching model that helps others achieve with pride

Deepen your skills to bring about high performance with:

The Art of Conscious Listening

The Art of the Questioning

The Art of Telling

Proven positive, corrective + development feedback that nails it

Heighten emotional awareness and make the biggest impact with everyone you chat with


Take this opportunity to move ahead and stay there with our proven 3-phase 10-12 week programme. Our courses are now available both online and in person, check out the calendar for more details.

  • 1. In Phase 1 we are taking key steps towards healthy contagious and empowering conversations (16 hours)

  • 2. In Phase 2 we are following up with results-driven one2one coaching with a focus on new habits and soft-skills

  • 3. In Phase 3 we are embedding key behaviours and knowledge with a follow-up half-day (4hr) workshop

  • 4. On top of this, you will have time between sessions to practice all you learn – giving time to reflect, drive and assess progress

Who is this course for you ask?

Change-makers, healthy disruptors, Millennials + XGen. No pre-requisite required!

Sounds like something you’d be interested in?

This programme is NZTE registered so be sure to apply for possible funding. 

Click here to contact your NZTE Local Growth Advisor or Regional Business Partner.

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