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We believe emotional awareness and precious human skills can be used all over life. We have journeys tailored for you professionally and personally and for teams – no matter what area of life and work – to thrive in this constant changing-up world.


Leadership+Teams is an area close to our heart that simply makes the most profound difference in any organisation.

Working strongly alongside Teal Management, we have 5 journeys that interlink with each other, all online and in-person. We also customise these to your organisation’s specific needs!


Health + Wellbeing is a new addition, and we already have one very powerful journey ready to go. We plan for more!  Be sure to experience this + join our mailing list to stay up to date with everything new from our Inzide Community.

Personality Development Classes
Personality Development Classes

The Journeys we offer:

Personality Development Classes



Where it is easy to bring all of you to work and you feel like you are serving a greater cause. You feel fueled by an evolutionary power to life itself. Rather than trying to force the future into existence, both you and the team are simply dancing with the new.

Personality Development Classes

The Nature of Conversations

You want to have game-changing conversations with family, in personal relationships, with your work teams, customers and clients that raises confidence and brings about exciting outcomes. 

Our ICF approved 2 phase program builds deep insights into your conversation style, deepens your emotional awareness (EI), and how to bring out the best in others. Learn more about it here.

Personality Development Classes

Navigational Conversations

One of the most daunting and yet ultimately rewarding parts of everyday life is striking up conversations that have everyone contribute with all your passions and strengths, and working as a collective with emotional intelligence happily leading the way. 

Our proven 3-phase 10-12 week programme will help you build effective communication, develop your problem solving skills and change your mindset. Learn more about it here.

Personality Development Classes

LeadingEdge Teams

It starts with a great culture + vibrant workplaces and it comes down to you. We customise this unique LeadingEdge Teams workshop so it speaks to you and your team’s specific needs and aspirations.

These fun workshops are tailored specifically for your team to fly to the next floors with a healthier workplace environment, positive disruption, and passionate performance. Learn more about it here.

Personality Development Classes

Mastering the Art of self-love

During this rich journey you have the extraordinary  experience of nurturing self-belief, building confidence, discovering patterns that are getting in the road. With simple exercises, remarkable connection and contagious conversations, we know you will feel uplifted, empowered and loving who you are. Learn more about it here.


InsideOut Leading focuses on you as a leader and develops your people skills with emotional intelligence, so you all contribute to a thriving culture.

Navigational Conversations levels up your communication and confidence, develops robust problem-solving skills within others, and helps you navigate conversations with a coach-blend that brings about passionate, value-add strength and inspiration.

The Nature of Conversations takes you to higher levels with connection with those you know well to complete strangers. You’ll combine their natural TetraMap® behaviours with a coach-blend that makes your conversations authentic and game-changing.

For InsideOut Leading and Navigational Conversations everyone is welcome, especially when you want to up-level emotional awareness and resilience.

The Nature of Conversations can be used as a step 2 of Navigational Conversations or any Personality Development Classes / course using the beautiful TetraMap® tool.  And if you’d like to join without having done any of these TetraMap courses worldwide, we’ll be sure to direct you to an upcoming course around the world that links in well.

Our online Personality Development classes / courses are done on a savvy platform and held in manageable bite-sized chunks of 2hr segments spread out over 2-3 days.  This allows us to be there with you in-person in real time.

When we are in the ‘same room’, these courses are done in 1-2 full days at a specified location.

Select pay by invoice at the checkout and we will email you after with the invoice and payment instructions. We can also work with you on whatever way works best for you!

Yes! We are registered with NZTE so you can get funding. Click here for more info

We provide a couple different opportunities to give you the tools for creating a thriving team environment. In our inhouse courses, we use a series of tools and exercises to take your team to the next level through better communication and a common vision. Another alternative is for you as a leader to join one of our open Personality Development Classes / courses, where we develop leadership and communication skills that you then can apply to your team situation while getting personalized coaching by us.

Communication and understanding each other is one of our favourite topics, and we’ve developed a bunch of tools to make break the science behind conversations down and make it easy for you. In our Navigational Conversations course we give you the tools for… If you’re wanting to dive even further into this, our The Nature of Conversations course will use the TetraMap tool to make it easy to understand different types of people and how to communicate across the boarders.

We’ve found everything becomes easier and more clear when you know your WHY and your values, therefore these make our foundation for coaching you in decision making and life direction. Whether you choose to join our open InsideOut Leading course or go 1o1 with one of our facilitators, we’ll help you find Your WHY and Your values, and decision making gets easy from there.

Our mission is to help you on your journey! We’ve spent years collecting tools for leadership, teamwork and communication that we can’t wait to share with you through our courses.

People skills are more important than ever before, and we want to give you the tools to make it easy! We guide you through different tools that will leave you in clarity of how to communicate with different types of people, when someone (or yourself) is coming from a low-flying space and what to do about it, how are brains are wired in different ways that create different perspectives and how you can cross the borders and start understanding people around you on a deeper level.

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