It's so rewarding to strike up conversations where we all contribute with our collective passions and strengths, and have emotional awareness lead the way.

Our Navigational Conversations programme guides the way to exactly this...

  • Building effective communication with teams, clients, and personal community

  • Developing robust problem-solving skills with others - where they feel valued contributing to solutions

  • Fueling a collective hunger for success, understanding all the steps to make this happen

communication between two peoplea
communication process

Healthy contagious conversation skills with a coach-blend in any conversation.
You’ll get to …

IDENTIFY key principles that define success during your chats

UNDERSTAND the difference between problem-solving and a new mindset required

KNOW when and where to apply this so you contribute to an empowering transformation ~ full of creative collaboration.

LEARN a tested and proven 5-step coaching model that helps others achieve with pride

DEEPEN your skills to bring about high performance with:

  • The Art of Conscious Listening
  • The Art of the Questioning
  • The Art of Telling

PROVEN positive, corrective + development feedback that nails it

HEIGHTEN emotional awareness and make the biggest impact with everyone you chat with


Take this opportunity to move ahead and stay there with our proven 3-phase 3month journey. This is available online and in person. Check out our calendar for timing.

Phase 1

Phase 1 we take key steps towards healthy, contagious and empowering conversations - 16 hours chopped into bite-sized chunks over a month

Phase 2

Phase 2 we follow up on valuable one2one coaching with you that focuses on these new habits + putting into play precious human-skills

Phase 3

Phase 3 we embed key behaviours and knowledge with 3 x 1hr follow-up sessions over months 2 & 3.


On top of this, you will have time between sessions to practice all you learn – giving time to reflect, drive and assess progress + have access to our online Hub for timely reminders and even more insights.

Who is this course for, you ask?

Change-makers and healthy disruptors – any age

You want to build your human-skills tool kit and increase your emotional awareness 

Crucial for building great organisation + establish a sound sustainable TEAL culture

No pre-requisite required!

Sounds like something you’d be interested in?

This programme is NZTE registered so be sure to apply for possible funding. 

Click here to contact your NZTE Local Growth Advisor or Regional Business Partner.

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