Feedback conversations are critical to great culture and vibrant healthy relationships.

We’ve all been there. We know we need to have a challenging conversation with another that could change the trajectory for them and for us, and yet we do everything in our power to avoid them.

Giving and receiving feedback is a muscle that needs to be trained. Especially knowing how to turn a defensive shut-down chat into something that moves forward with accountability.  Yes, these chats are hard and yet they can be the most rewarding and important conversations we could have for all that are open to climb into a best mindset + grow in the healthiest ways.

Enter Feedback Conversations, which means you

  • Contribute to an uplifting, high-flying work culture by recognising everyday excellence, building on potential, and appreciating all there is to be celebrated.

  • Get to stay bold, courageous, centred, and grounded while navigating tricky conversations

  • Confront issues easily avoided by reframing the conversations to foster connection and trust

While this journey builds deeper insights into how to empower you + others,  you will -

UTILISE a model for development feedback that maximises understanding, growth and future potential.

MASTER the art of giving corrective feedback that addresses low-flying behaviour and performance with a high degree of skill and confidence.

LEARN how to use feedback to initiate a coach-blend conversation and what to do when that blend is not an option.

GAIN a deeper understanding on how to confidently handle and navigate defensive reactions.

SHARE appreciation with integrity so it truly lands and makes an impact for others to pay it forward empowering others.


Take this opportunity to dive deep into feedback conversations with emotional awareness. This journey over 2months is available online in-person. Check out our calendar for timing.

Phase 1

Phase 1 we get together for 4 x 2hr sessions over 1 month taking key steps towards delivery challenging conversations confidently.

Phase 2

Phase 2 we embed key behaviours and knowledge with a follow-up online meet during the 2nd month.

Phase 3

We have the option of results-driven one2one coaching with focus on bedding-down new awareness and fascinating human skills.


On top of this, you will have time between sessions to practice all you learn – giving time to reflect, drive and assess progress + access to our online Hub for timely reminders and more insights.

Who is this course for, you ask?

Change-makers and healthy disruptors – any age
You want to build your human-skills tool kit and increase your emotional awareness
Crucial for building great organisation + establish a sound sustainable TEAL culture
No pre-requisite required!
Sounds like something you’d be interested in?

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