You want to increase your emotional intelligence.
You are up for leading whether you have a title or not.

This all hinges on people skills, focus, momentum and balancing your wellbeing. Real leadership with emotional awareness.

Regardless of your background or role, from the InsideOut this course will help you...

  • Build momentum with interactive skills that keeps focussing on the bigger picture and a healthier you

  • Identify key motivators within your team and the individuals to drive focus

  • Learn how to lead and manage great people by engaging with your Why, What and Who

leadership development courses by coaches
leadership skill class
leadership development courses by coaches
leadership skill class

You’ll come to….

UNDERSTAND yourself and others, how they process the way they do. Realising how to listen in and deliver so your communication lands more effectively with everyone.

LEARN to recognise and reduce toxic draining patterns in relationships, on teams and in community. Stay empowered, stepping into more wholesome ways of being with others.

IDENTIFY and address power-play. Build trust and consciously navigate these tricky moments into healthy and assertive.

MANAGE everyday stressors with more ease, especially in a world where we are doing, doing, doing and feeling super-busy. Timely to focus on working smart and controlling the ‘mental traffic’.

SET simple, refreshing boundaries that allows you to be more available to others, gives you space, and increase your self-respect, energy, and personal power.

GROW your confidence by finding your Why & What – the purpose and cause bigger than you – alongside values that drive Who you are. These are your Guiding Stars with all decision making, challenges, and every opportunity.

APPRECIATE big time! A powerful tool to increasing happiness, improving relationships, and boosting your health, regardless of what’s going in the outside world.

BRING out the best in others all the time empowering them to be so much more too.


Take this opportunity to move ahead and enjoy our 4-phase 2 month journey available online in-person. Check out our calendar for timing.

Phase 1

Phase 1 groups thrive discovering and learning over this 1st month.

Phase 2

Phase 2 you experience valuable one2one coaching + an online platform for timely reminders and more insights to bed-down these new behaviours

Phase 3

Phase 3 we come together again as a group for Month 2 to dive deeper into knowledge and new behaviours

Phase 4

Phase 4 you experience another rich one2one coach conversation where you come to discover your Personal Why and What.


On top of this, you will have time between sessions to practice all you learn – giving time to reflect, drive and assess progress + access to our online Hub for timely reminders and even more insights.

Who is this course for, you ask?

Change-makers and healthy disruptors – any age
You want to build your human-skills tool kit and increase your emotional awareness
Crucial for building great organisation + establish a sound sustainable TEAL culture
No pre-requisite required!
Sounds like something you’d be interested in?

This programme is NZTE registered so be sure to apply for possible funding. 

Click here to contact your NZTE Local Growth Advisor or Regional Business Partner.

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