You want to have game-changing conversations with family, in personal relationships, with groups, clients, and even people you’ve met for the first time. Chats that raise confidence and bring about exciting outcomes for everyone.

The course is ICF Approved Core Competencies 4.5hrs Resource Development 2.25hrs

Enter The Nature of Conversations which means you...

  • Know how to chat confidently with anyone because you know your Natures and can adapt easily to theirs

  • Easily contribute to an uplifting, high-flying vibe that can bring out the best in others

  • Have fun deliberately knowing how to inspire creative, collective, healthy conversations

  • Learn so much more about reshaping the way you think, plus open-up to new exciting possibilities

This course builds deep insights into your conversation style, deepens your emotional awareness (EI), and how you can bring out the best in others. You’ll…

MASTER using a coach-blend with EI and TetraMap® for game-changing conversations

GAIN a deeper understanding of above-below-the-line that significantly changes life for you and those willing around you

UNDERSTAND the impacts of all the different Natures from an emotionally aware space

RECOGNISE generic principles that support a coach-blend into your conversations

DIVE deep with TetraMap® and integrate Navigational Conversations© – a world-renowned coaching model – revealing how your Natures show up with each conversation principle

PRACTICE coach-blended conversations with ‘different Natures’ and ‘similar Natures’  that will flex your natural style with ease


Take this opportunity to dive deep into conversation style, emotional awareness, plus understanding you and others so much more. This journey runs over 2months and is available online and in-person. Check out our calendar for more details.

Phase 1

Phase 1 we come together for 4 x 2hr sessions over 1 month that takes key steps to thriving conversations

Phase 2

Phase 2 we embed key behaviours and knowledge with follow-up online calls during this month + a wrap up session at the end Month 2

Phase 3

You can take on one2one coaching with your Coach that focuses on 'just-in-time' things taking place in your world and how to use these fascinating people-skills with them


On top of this, you have time between sessions to practice all you learn – reflect and assess your progress + access our online Hub for timely reminders and insights

Who is this course for, you ask?

Change-makers of any age.
You want to build on your human-skills kit and increase emotional awareness. 
This course helps tremendously establishing a sound, sustainable TEAL culture.
Sounds like something you’d be interested in?

There is a quick TetraMap® ‘Why Are You Like That’ Workshop prerequisite to find out your exact Nature preferences and learn about others. Super-easy and enjoyable.  If you’ve already taken anything TetraMap®, your prereq is all ticked. With no, please sign up with your email and hit Register Now!

Sign up for the TetraMap® Workshop before your course

This is a pre-requisite for The Nature of Conversations course, fill in the form and we will keep you posted on details for the next workshop.

This programme is NZTE registered so be sure to apply for possible funding. 

Click here to contact your NZTE Local Growth Advisor or Regional Business Partner.

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