Where it is easy to bring all of you to work and you feel like you are serving a greater cause. You feel fueled by an evolutionary power to life itself. Rather than trying to force the future into existence, both you and the team are simply dancing with the new.

The time is right now to shift our teams, organisations, and businesses up in a powerful way. Today, it’s about creating more powerful fluid systems of naturally distributed authority.We thought we needed hierarchy. We can finally drop the mask. As we dare to be fully ourselves enormous energy is set free, and the results are profound for everyone! Enter a new Teal Management era that is inspiring radical change and bringing about an exciting, thriving life + natural sense of direction all of its own. Imagine if, instead of trying to predict and control the future, where everything is reliant on you, all on your team are now listening to, understanding, and taking responsibility for what they need to do, knowing where they naturally need to go, and when.


You’ll Experience

  • Unearthing everything about Teal management’s breakthroughs

  • Looking into existing examples

  • Understanding the necessary culture and conditions to thrive

  • Examples of how to transition into Teal

  • The detailed essence and true nature of a Teal consciousness mindset + organisational structure

  • Making a start on how to bring some, if not all, of this to life within your team and organisation



Free 1.5hrs of in-person - or recorded webinar - focused on introducing a new way of managing organisations. This session will touch on the history of human evolution, capture existing pioneering organisations, and flesh out succinct examples of the 3 Breakthrough Pillars. The purpose is to take you into the next stage of Education which dives into more thorough detail of this new management philosophy.


This stage consists of 9hrs rich in-person online sessions chunked down into manageable bite-sized chunks over a month that suit your needs. Here we unearth everything about Teal Management breakthroughs, the necessary conditions, examples of how to transition into Teal, and the outstanding results of the Teal organisations today. You will capture the true nature of a Teal consciousness mindset + organisational structure. This is where you walk away wanting to know how to bring this to life within your team and organisation.


This final stage requires a 6–12-month minimum and beyond (no maximum) mentorship + guidance with a Teal Coach using 2-4 sessions per month dedicated to bringing Teal management to life. This sense and respond approach will utilise online modules and videos. Watch the psychological ownership and teal consciousness abundance flow both personally and professionally.


You also have the advantage at any time to quick efficient access of information. Especially helpful for just-in-time information and you prefer to resort to a library of video content to learn and implement from, then this will be a valuable go-to! The huge range of these videos cover:
  • Teal key overarching practices
  • Necessary HR practices
  • Critical day to day practices
  • Teal organization examples

Look forward to being nurtured as though we are in-person with you. You also have the advantage of quick efficient access to information. Finding it difficult to create time for in-person sessions and you prefer to resort to a library of video content to learn and implement from, this is your go-to!

We have developed a brand new online platform for our community!

These are extraordinary times to be alive and full of possibilities.. If you are a thought leader, game-changer, entrepreneurial business owner team leader, have a millennial-thinking mind … The time is now and up to us to invent a new path that creates life-giving organisations. These are the subtle and yet powerful shifts we’ve been waiting for.

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