Time to start being Way More Truthful alongside Less Go and More Slow

Its okay to allow your roll to slow. To keep an eye on the pace today. Truth – we live at a constantly accelerated pace that doesn’t serve well.

Everything is about go, go, go these days, and sometimes we need to slow, slow, slow.

It takes us off track even if it feels we’re all too important with that busyness. Here’s the kicker… Its okay to allow your roll to slow. To keep an eye on the pace today. Truth – we live at a constantly accelerated pace that’s not serving well. It takes us off-track even if we’re feeling all too important with ‘busyness’. Here’s the kicker … 

We use busy as an excuse to not create time to check in with others. You know that quality stuff that has us all feeling valued. We make ourselves even busier and justify this as a valid excuse when really all we need and want is to have honest conversations – the closure, reopener, why we pulled away or why we didn’t go there earlier. You know those #youmattertome chats. 

Likely we don’t know how to have that chat. We fear rejection ridicule. What happens if we open the proverbial can of worms. Not sure how to deal with that? And what happens if what comes out confirms our even-worst fears, belittles, degrades us further, throws more fuel on our guilt, confirms our not good enoughness? Oh stuff that … let’s not go there, much easier to be busy. 

Then there’s courage + vulnerability – where are these when you need them – to step out imperfectly, relay exactly how you feel. Heaven forbid do I really have the courage to invite you into a real chat with me? To create that space in my busy schedule so I can hear what you’ve been going through? Not to fix it, simply to listen. This is really the guts, isn’t it. We’re all so BUSY going through our stuff, how the hell do we deal with theirs. Ohhh I know … let’s get busier instead.

And what say we reach out for that chat and they make excuses to not go there. Boom! Connection really has been lost. Our worst fears true. They start making ‘busy’ excuses we can see right through. More rejection … can’t handle this. I know … time to make myself busier.

That’s the true roll of it. We’ve made Busy acceptable. Busy is an excuse. Supposedly takes me off the hook. No doubt you’ll see how much in demand I am and you’ll think differently of me. I really am important. Busy go go go has become the default way of making ourselves feel better. And yet its running us into the ground on all levels – mentally physically and emotionally. It’s not a pretty sight, but hey I’ll overlook it if you do. 

Personally I’ve played my part on both sides realising it’s too late – or is it – to reach out? I’ve been listening in to cherished friends this week feeling their hurt, understanding, and strewth knowing what this hurt feels like … I’ve been there. I’m there. 

Busy. Let’s stop making it a badge of honour. Time to slow the roll. Get back to real. Time to open our hearts to Big Love no matter how imperfect it is. Be gentler with our ourselves. Open up to each other. In truth. 

Put a stop to the pain we are putting our beautiful bodies through. It hurts too goddamn much. Its way past time to slow the cancers and all the other pains and diseases that are now so acceptable … because we were too busy to address this stuff earlier.

It’s absolutely time to call each other on our Busyness and the ludicrousy of it. Time to start being Way More Truthful alongside Less Go Go Go and More Slow Slow Slow.

You want to see change in the world.  Start right here with you. Slow down enough today to build a new healthier loving habit. And because I know you have a heart, courageously reach out to love one person you’ve been holding at arms length. Plant the seed. Hold the compassion. Love them like you would like to be loved and spoken to – imperfect and all.

Share in every direction.  Happy to have you post questions, comments too!

Love this day champ. You really are in charge.

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